Main New Year’s Resolutions – to Raluca & Mihai

The thoughts

The first resolution is to make this year a magical one. To paraphrase a famous thinker “this year will be creative or not at all”.  And what I mean by that is described in the previous post.

What is another main resolution that I undertook? A wise and dear friend noticed and told me: “ You always wish for something extraordinary to happen or to accomplish”. So What can I do differently? Focus on the ordinary! This would be a big change for me.

So, my most important resolution for this year is: to pay attention to the little things  and Be CONSTANT in what I do, to respect a rhythm, ritual on my activities. This is an extra-ordinary goal for me. There is enough change and diversity in my life, I need some stability and focus.

The exercise

And then I asked myself: Which are the little things that will bring me joy and/ or fulfillment?

So, I have accomplished a list with 3 columns of activities I will enjoy doing on daily/ weekly and on monthly basis. They are not ‘have to’s, they are not “smart” goals, just things that can increase my joy for life! I am really smiling looking at my list and feeling the joy I will have upon having all checked out at the end of the day/ week/ month.

Think of the things you enjoy doing, but neglect to do because they are not that “important” or because you “have to” and ask yourself: What gift shall I give myself today? And, as you identify what it is, picture this in your mind, with as much accuracy as you can, and try to feel impregnated with the joy of accomplishing them. FEEL it in your body, feel the sensations of your cells, how healthy you feel, how well you look!

The Intention

This is the year of Gratitude for Every Little Thing that I manage to do for myself and others!

I want to enjoy deeply every day of my life and be thankful for the opportunities to feed my soul and others. Writing these posts is a way of expressing my gratitude for those who have helped me building myself, for those who are continually inspiring me to stay open, to share and to Be.

Joy, Love, Contribution. Be happy with what I already have and do constantly. Wanting more and striving for more I already know doing well.

This is the year of the little white eggs that I lay on my nest, without struggling and waiting for the golden one to appear! Just enjoying what I already have and what I regularly do.

The models

 What I admire most about Raluca is her commitment, perseverance, patience, tenacity, generosity, and how she gathers value on each experience and focuses on accomplishing her targets. A Self explorer, a seeker who build herself constantly, step by step. She has structure and consistency, warmth and … always a  welcoming smile.

Mihai is a structuring presence – bringing clarity, accuracy and inspiring accountability. I am mostly impressed by his endeavor to create a spiritual centre in the heart of Bucharest, a garden to grow in the seeds of our souls, increasing the light of awareness that will bring us towards true happiness. He inspires me into connecting deeper with my spirit, being disciplined, and following through on my resolutions and accomplishing my vision.