12 magic days – the Creation time – to Casandra and DragosN

The beginning

The challenge of setting things in motion on the right way. A time for vision and planning. A time of enthusiasm and joy. A time to deeply connect to your values and to find the most meaningful ways to accomplish them.

I love beginnings. I love the thrill of creating something new, feeling full of ideas, picturing it out, planning, gathering of resources, setting things in motion.

The rebirth

If a proper cleansing process happened at the end of a cycle, the beginning can be experiend as a rebirth. Rennaisance to a life without regrets. The past is gone. A new life has begun fresh. This is how I felt on the first day of this year. Newly born 🙂

Think about what you wish to accomplish this year. It is not as much the planning that matters (we tend to change plans anyway) as it is the vision that we create. If you can actually picture yourself where you want to be, seeing and actualy feeling how you would feel once you are there, it can be a breakthrough. Creating a clear image in my mind and connecting to my inner resources gives me so much energy and determination.

This year is the beginning of expression and manifestation for me. A time for action and creation.

 Dedicated to

Casandra touches me with her openness, total honesty, passion for life and people, her connection to each person. Dedicated to her profession, totally involved in what she does. One can’t not be present in her presence. There’s too much life force expressing itself freely, no mask can resist such authenticity. It falls down into pieces.

Dragos is one of the most generous guys I know, a man with an open heart, emotionally wise and aware, always responsive and present. Connects easily and acts as connector between people. A great guide and mentor. He restores my confidence every time I loose it and I’m about to abandon my Dream. He helps me keep my vision alive and “kicks” me to go forth.

They are both visionaries, genuine people, always responsive and opened. They are creators, challenging others to create their life as well.