The Labyrinth and the Incubator – to Lavinia & Ştefana

The incubator

is an apparatus by means of which eggs are hatched by electrical heat. Another meaning relates to a facility designed to foster entrepreneurship and help startup companies, to grow through the use of shared resouces, management expertise, and intellectual capital.

Incubator 107 is a project of some inspired youngsters that “hatches” the eggs of our potential, putting it in motion, in various ways. They are organizing workshops every evening and during week-ends: dancing, archery, handcraft, massage, personal development workshop. Everything and anything that can foster our curiosity, creativity, growth. Their concept is based on openness, sharing and growing together.

To anybody who has a passion they give space to show it and teach it to others. For free. Small donation are recommended to cover logistic expenses, but they try to keep the level of their events through donations. It works so far because their work is great. In the attic of Stefania’s house they have created a magic space where creativity lives, evening by evening, bringing magic in people’s lives.

The labyrinth

is an ancient symbol that relates to wholeness. It combines the imagery of the circle and the spiral into a meandering but purposeful path. The Labyrinth represents a journey to our own center and back again out into the world. It allows access to the center trough an initiatic journey and it also protects the center with its complex setup, thus not allowing those who are not good enough to go to the centre. A labyrinth is an archetype with which we can have a direct experience. We can walk it. It is a metaphor for life’s journey. It is a symbol that creates a sacred space and place and takes us out of our ego towards our Self.

Labyrinth theatre is an interactive, site-specific and context-oriented type of theatre. The actual performance comes out as an itinerary in which every spect-actor gets involved individually, interacting directly with spaces, people and artefacts. And the process throughwhich a ‘labyrinth’ is assembled is great non-formal and informal training: because it’s highly participative, because it brings out plenty of individual creativity and integrates it in the work of a fabulous team, it’s fun and it works and you’d better see that for yourself.

It has arrived in Bucharest thanks to Lavinia, Stefania and Bogdan who were trained in Milan, 3 years ago, thanks to a grant for youth development from an NGO. Thay were there, they learned the process and now they are teaching other and allowing many more to experience this type of unusual “theatric” setup, in Stefania’s house, at Hala Traian area. Recreating thus Eliade’s phantastic Bucharest, full of epihanies and meaningful encounters, turning theater into what once was: a way to redeem your soul by reconecting with a mythical world of symbols and ritual.

The experience

 I had going into the labyrinth theatre show on the night of the 7th of January was amazing. I felt like an initiate going blindly into a journey of discovery, experiencing the elements, death and rebirth – a rite of passage performed in the 21st century by 25 y.o. offering this opportunity to others like them. Where are the ancient wise people meant to perform this? Maybe we don’t need them anymore… We should just connect to the wisdom within, trust our steps will go the right way and just live the magic of the new experience.


12 magic days – the Creation time – to Casandra and DragosN

The beginning

The challenge of setting things in motion on the right way. A time for vision and planning. A time of enthusiasm and joy. A time to deeply connect to your values and to find the most meaningful ways to accomplish them.

I love beginnings. I love the thrill of creating something new, feeling full of ideas, picturing it out, planning, gathering of resources, setting things in motion.

The rebirth

If a proper cleansing process happened at the end of a cycle, the beginning can be experiend as a rebirth. Rennaisance to a life without regrets. The past is gone. A new life has begun fresh. This is how I felt on the first day of this year. Newly born 🙂

Think about what you wish to accomplish this year. It is not as much the planning that matters (we tend to change plans anyway) as it is the vision that we create. If you can actually picture yourself where you want to be, seeing and actualy feeling how you would feel once you are there, it can be a breakthrough. Creating a clear image in my mind and connecting to my inner resources gives me so much energy and determination.

This year is the beginning of expression and manifestation for me. A time for action and creation.

 Dedicated to

Casandra touches me with her openness, total honesty, passion for life and people, her connection to each person. Dedicated to her profession, totally involved in what she does. One can’t not be present in her presence. There’s too much life force expressing itself freely, no mask can resist such authenticity. It falls down into pieces.

Dragos is one of the most generous guys I know, a man with an open heart, emotionally wise and aware, always responsive and present. Connects easily and acts as connector between people. A great guide and mentor. He restores my confidence every time I loose it and I’m about to abandon my Dream. He helps me keep my vision alive and “kicks” me to go forth.

They are both visionaries, genuine people, always responsive and opened. They are creators, challenging others to create their life as well.

12 magic nights – the Chaos and cleansing time – to Amalia and DragosR

The End

Can be a celebration or a mourning. A song for the accomplished things or a tale to heal wounds. Either way it is a process and it requires the proper time to successfully close what finished. So you could start over freely, without any luggage and having all your energy available for your new projects.

There are smooth ends, when things close up naturally living space for the new experience to appear, like the old fruit that falls down from the tree, nurturing the seeds’ germination.

There are dramatic, painful, unwanted ends. The fruit was cut off from the tree before its fruition. Confusion and sorrow arises, it is a challenging time. I usually want to get out of this without looking back. Just throwing myself in a new experience. This might bring some relief momentarily but it is not a good thing on long term…

Weather it’s smooth or not there is always a restructuring process that brings about a little bit of disorder (chaos) before the new structure stabilizes.

The Closure

On the second post of this blog I was telling you about the events and rituals from the last 12 days at the end of the year. Things that are ment to help us make the necessary closures. Why necessary? Because things left unclosed come back to haut us. Thoughts and emotions will go back to the unfinished issue like a murderer tends to come back to the place of his crime.

The end is a moment for assimilation and integration, the final step of the transformation cycle. It’s good to look back and see the lessons that experience has brought to us, feeling grateful for anything we learned.

It is very important to take the time for closure, especially for big changes in our life Why? Because otherwise we are not really free to go ahead. I know this the hard way: letting many things suspended, running off, without taking the time to properly end and digest the outcomes of that specific event.

Don’t let anything left unfinished, say your goodbyes, clear anything that was left unsaid, clean your house – inside and outside. If you do that your mind would not have the tendency to go back. You will be able to focus all your attention on the new experience and be present with all your energy.

Inspired by

Amalia is a perpetual inspiration for me: very creative and active she’s someone who actually does something once she has a desire. She doesn’t waste any time wondering: is it good or not? what will it bring me? who will care about it? and so forth (as I usually do). She just does it, taking along quickly anybody who is interested and willing to be involved in her project. A fairy in motion bringing magic in peoples lives through music, dance, workshops and a very perceptive, astute business like mind.

Dragos impressed me with his discipline, commitment, following throughon  his vision and decisions. Well structured, synthetic, sensitive, insightful, reliable.          I spent an important moment at the end of this year with them, and that moment marked the inception of this blog. Last year was for me the end of a period of introspection, soul search and closures.

Main New Year’s Resolutions – to Raluca & Mihai

The thoughts

The first resolution is to make this year a magical one. To paraphrase a famous thinker “this year will be creative or not at all”.  And what I mean by that is described in the previous post.

What is another main resolution that I undertook? A wise and dear friend noticed and told me: “ You always wish for something extraordinary to happen or to accomplish”. So What can I do differently? Focus on the ordinary! This would be a big change for me.

So, my most important resolution for this year is: to pay attention to the little things  and Be CONSTANT in what I do, to respect a rhythm, ritual on my activities. This is an extra-ordinary goal for me. There is enough change and diversity in my life, I need some stability and focus.

The exercise

And then I asked myself: Which are the little things that will bring me joy and/ or fulfillment?

So, I have accomplished a list with 3 columns of activities I will enjoy doing on daily/ weekly and on monthly basis. They are not ‘have to’s, they are not “smart” goals, just things that can increase my joy for life! I am really smiling looking at my list and feeling the joy I will have upon having all checked out at the end of the day/ week/ month.

Think of the things you enjoy doing, but neglect to do because they are not that “important” or because you “have to” and ask yourself: What gift shall I give myself today? And, as you identify what it is, picture this in your mind, with as much accuracy as you can, and try to feel impregnated with the joy of accomplishing them. FEEL it in your body, feel the sensations of your cells, how healthy you feel, how well you look!

The Intention

This is the year of Gratitude for Every Little Thing that I manage to do for myself and others!

I want to enjoy deeply every day of my life and be thankful for the opportunities to feed my soul and others. Writing these posts is a way of expressing my gratitude for those who have helped me building myself, for those who are continually inspiring me to stay open, to share and to Be.

Joy, Love, Contribution. Be happy with what I already have and do constantly. Wanting more and striving for more I already know doing well.

This is the year of the little white eggs that I lay on my nest, without struggling and waiting for the golden one to appear! Just enjoying what I already have and what I regularly do.

The models

 What I admire most about Raluca is her commitment, perseverance, patience, tenacity, generosity, and how she gathers value on each experience and focuses on accomplishing her targets. A Self explorer, a seeker who build herself constantly, step by step. She has structure and consistency, warmth and … always a  welcoming smile.

Mihai is a structuring presence – bringing clarity, accuracy and inspiring accountability. I am mostly impressed by his endeavor to create a spiritual centre in the heart of Bucharest, a garden to grow in the seeds of our souls, increasing the light of awareness that will bring us towards true happiness. He inspires me into connecting deeper with my spirit, being disciplined, and following through on my resolutions and accomplishing my vision.

When the skies open – to All

The Premise

It is said in old traditions that there are magical moments during the year when the skies open and spiritual beings descend to the people to test them and to offer their blessings to the deserving ones.  Shadows from the past come back to haunt or to test us. The “house” should be cleaned. Old issues must get closed. We should pay extra attention to the events of these days and be very caring and kind to the people around us. The one who does his job well will receive “the gift of the gods”.

These are the 12 days before the new years’ eve and the 12 days at the beginning of the year.

“In many belief systems, the New Year is equivalent to the rebirth of the world. And with this rebirth, we, too, are reborn anew, cleansed of the previous year.”
The ancient people felt connected to the Universe and wanted to express this. That’s why we still have all sort of traditions: totally cleaning the house and getting rid of old, useless stuff ; going to the church (the temple – the sacred space, the image of the world), singing songs, performing dances wearing ritual masks, etc. We have preserved something of the ancient times habits, but for many the ritual it’s emptied of his real content, the Meaning is lost.

How much importance do you give to the external ritual and how much to the internal practice? What precisely do you do to clean out your soul’s house, to start the new year with a fresh mind and a whole heart?

I received an email from an astrologer friend about the 12 nights before New Year ’s Eve (starting December 23rd) in which we can connect with the energy of each sign and develop the qualities of that particular sign. Another belief says that the first 12 days of the year are crucial because each represents a month and what we do and what happens in that particular day will define how that particular month will be. I never checked it out, but it can be a good occasion to plan how would you like your year to be.

Twelve magic nights at the end of the year. Twelve magic days at the beginning of the year.

The sun is setting letting the moon cast its silvery shadows and then a new sun is rising bringing forth a new light and strength to begin a new life. How can you use this energy and refresh your mindset?

The practice

Regardless of what people believed, still believe or not, what matters is what You believe and do right now. You might believe in spirits, divine energies or not. These “12 days” can be an occasion to give your self moments of tranquility in which you can relax from work and have the chance to think things over: What do I bring on in this reality? What are my projections onto it? Which are my deeds brought on by these projections? Am I satisfied with their results and consequences or not? What else would I like to consciously create in my life? How can I change my thoughts to do that? How do I wish to be from now on? How do I want my life to look like?

Asking myself these questions helps to clear out my vision. And this gives me energy and focus.

Everybody creates his/ her own myth: “divine” or not. Our thoughts are magic because they create our reality: our happiness or misery.

I can see sand on my sandals and label it “it’s dirt”. Or “it’s dust of shells”, “it’s a part of the seashore and I had so much fun last summer”, “it’s playing material, I loved it when I was a child”, etc. Look what somebody does with it:, Start playing with the way you look at things, start modeling the sand beneath your eyes.

Life is full of shit. Yes, it is. We produce it every day! Mainly through our negative thinking patterns. And if you think you have to live with somebody else’s shit stop looking at it and blow the smell away from your mind.

Be creative and recreate the world in your mind. There is magic everywhere. It’s how you look at things that enables it to be or not.

The internet is full of “recipes” on how to be happy and/ or (!) successful. Read them, be informed by them but don’t copy them, find your own way! I guarantee there is something specific about you, something that makes you Unique. Learn YourOwn Way of functioning best, your own recipe/ strategy towards fulfillment.

Consistently creating. In awareness and connection to all around us.

Life is magic when we make it magic. What will you make of your “sand” today?

New Year, New Blog. Dedicated to You.

The struggle
A birth needs the proper gestation time. And a baby needs to find its own will to grow and get out of the womb into the arms of the expecting mom.

Ever since I consistently started my coaching practice, I was told I should have a blog: “People want to know how you do think, they want to know who you are before they come to you”,  “You should create your personal branding using this good marketing tool”, “Blogs are great ways to be known and to attract clients”.

These might be reasonable facts but I didn’t resonate much with it. Therefore, I was struggling between my heart’s desire to simply express itself (I used to be a frequent diary writer in my youth) and my mind’s doubts regarding what “should” be on the blog, what people want to read about, how to select the themes to make it good for marketing and my fear of being mediocre, not read, rejected, criticized. “Why should I waste my time with something that might not interest and not be read by anyone or very few?” I also didn’t find the feeling to write into the unknown. I’m not very fond of a virtual online life. I like being in touch with people, actually touching them for real: with my eyes, ears, hands, hugging, using all my senses in an interaction to have a deeply authentic contact with the other.

So I got stuck,  writing only various titles for possible posts. Therefore, the process  to find the inner peace and the motivation to really start doing it was pretty long

The reason

I am motivated to act when I love something: what I do, who I’m with, my life and myself. I am efficient only when I manage to keep my heart open and my vision alive. And to do that I have to accept myself just as I am, to stop the criticizing voice of the Perfectionist inside, to have my friends close to me and to feel connected with the world, in dialog and lively interactions, to feel involved in valuable projects, to express myself in creative ways.

I know I get inspired by the people that touch my soul. People I admire. People who transformed their life completely at a turning point, with faith and audacity and now live their Dream, their values and Vision.  People who have involved in others transformation, supporting them in finding their Path.  People who are dedicated to a cause, who are serving well a community, with responsibility and fairness.

That’s why I will dedicate my blog to these people: each post will be written having in mind somebody that inspired me and how . I will ask for permission before displaying their identity, of course. If they do, you will get to know them too.

The outcome

In short, this blog:

  1. is dedicated to the people that marked my life: friends, role-models, clients. And each post will be dedicated to the person that triggered it.
  2. It is a tool for personal growth. A public place to express my intentions and take commitments regarding the changes I want to bring in my life. And I’m taking you alongside with me, if you wish to come. Hopefully we can grow together.
  3. It is my diary and place of remembrance, my interactive memory. And I hope it will be a source of resources and inspiration for others.
  4. It is a place for one’s soul to express itself. You’re invited.
  5. It is my way of connection to the World at large. That’s why I am using English and not my native language. I have friends who are English speakers only and I want to be in touch with them as well.

Born worldwide. Into yours arms too, if you welcome it