12 magic nights – the Chaos and cleansing time – to Amalia and DragosR

The End

Can be a celebration or a mourning. A song for the accomplished things or a tale to heal wounds. Either way it is a process and it requires the proper time to successfully close what finished. So you could start over freely, without any luggage and having all your energy available for your new projects.

There are smooth ends, when things close up naturally living space for the new experience to appear, like the old fruit that falls down from the tree, nurturing the seeds’ germination.

There are dramatic, painful, unwanted ends. The fruit was cut off from the tree before its fruition. Confusion and sorrow arises, it is a challenging time. I usually want to get out of this without looking back. Just throwing myself in a new experience. This might bring some relief momentarily but it is not a good thing on long term…

Weather it’s smooth or not there is always a restructuring process that brings about a little bit of disorder (chaos) before the new structure stabilizes.

The Closure

On the second post of this blog I was telling you about the events and rituals from the last 12 days at the end of the year. Things that are ment to help us make the necessary closures. Why necessary? Because things left unclosed come back to haut us. Thoughts and emotions will go back to the unfinished issue like a murderer tends to come back to the place of his crime.

The end is a moment for assimilation and integration, the final step of the transformation cycle. It’s good to look back and see the lessons that experience has brought to us, feeling grateful for anything we learned.

It is very important to take the time for closure, especially for big changes in our life Why? Because otherwise we are not really free to go ahead. I know this the hard way: letting many things suspended, running off, without taking the time to properly end and digest the outcomes of that specific event.

Don’t let anything left unfinished, say your goodbyes, clear anything that was left unsaid, clean your house – inside and outside. If you do that your mind would not have the tendency to go back. You will be able to focus all your attention on the new experience and be present with all your energy.

Inspired by

Amalia is a perpetual inspiration for me: very creative and active she’s someone who actually does something once she has a desire. She doesn’t waste any time wondering: is it good or not? what will it bring me? who will care about it? and so forth (as I usually do). She just does it, taking along quickly anybody who is interested and willing to be involved in her project. A fairy in motion bringing magic in peoples lives through music, dance, workshops and a very perceptive, astute business like mind.

Dragos impressed me with his discipline, commitment, following throughon  his vision and decisions. Well structured, synthetic, sensitive, insightful, reliable.          I spent an important moment at the end of this year with them, and that moment marked the inception of this blog. Last year was for me the end of a period of introspection, soul search and closures.


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