New Year, New Blog. Dedicated to You.

The struggle
A birth needs the proper gestation time. And a baby needs to find its own will to grow and get out of the womb into the arms of the expecting mom.

Ever since I consistently started my coaching practice, I was told I should have a blog: “People want to know how you do think, they want to know who you are before they come to you”,  “You should create your personal branding using this good marketing tool”, “Blogs are great ways to be known and to attract clients”.

These might be reasonable facts but I didn’t resonate much with it. Therefore, I was struggling between my heart’s desire to simply express itself (I used to be a frequent diary writer in my youth) and my mind’s doubts regarding what “should” be on the blog, what people want to read about, how to select the themes to make it good for marketing and my fear of being mediocre, not read, rejected, criticized. “Why should I waste my time with something that might not interest and not be read by anyone or very few?” I also didn’t find the feeling to write into the unknown. I’m not very fond of a virtual online life. I like being in touch with people, actually touching them for real: with my eyes, ears, hands, hugging, using all my senses in an interaction to have a deeply authentic contact with the other.

So I got stuck,  writing only various titles for possible posts. Therefore, the process  to find the inner peace and the motivation to really start doing it was pretty long

The reason

I am motivated to act when I love something: what I do, who I’m with, my life and myself. I am efficient only when I manage to keep my heart open and my vision alive. And to do that I have to accept myself just as I am, to stop the criticizing voice of the Perfectionist inside, to have my friends close to me and to feel connected with the world, in dialog and lively interactions, to feel involved in valuable projects, to express myself in creative ways.

I know I get inspired by the people that touch my soul. People I admire. People who transformed their life completely at a turning point, with faith and audacity and now live their Dream, their values and Vision.  People who have involved in others transformation, supporting them in finding their Path.  People who are dedicated to a cause, who are serving well a community, with responsibility and fairness.

That’s why I will dedicate my blog to these people: each post will be written having in mind somebody that inspired me and how . I will ask for permission before displaying their identity, of course. If they do, you will get to know them too.

The outcome

In short, this blog:

  1. is dedicated to the people that marked my life: friends, role-models, clients. And each post will be dedicated to the person that triggered it.
  2. It is a tool for personal growth. A public place to express my intentions and take commitments regarding the changes I want to bring in my life. And I’m taking you alongside with me, if you wish to come. Hopefully we can grow together.
  3. It is my diary and place of remembrance, my interactive memory. And I hope it will be a source of resources and inspiration for others.
  4. It is a place for one’s soul to express itself. You’re invited.
  5. It is my way of connection to the World at large. That’s why I am using English and not my native language. I have friends who are English speakers only and I want to be in touch with them as well.

Born worldwide. Into yours arms too, if you welcome it


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